Amoopi Bay Hotel
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why should I visit Karpathos Island?

The mild weather, the beautiful and clean beaches and the breathtaking natural environment are good enough reasons for anyone to visit Karpathos Island. In addition, the 12 traditional villages, the enjoyable nightlife and the prespective of doing sports that you may not be able to try out elsewhere, will prevent anyone from getting bored in Karpathos island.
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Why should I stay at Amoopi?

Amoopi is idealy placed only a few meters/feet away from 3 of the best Karpathos beaches, while the airport and port are a few kilometers/miles away. This well developed area has lots to offer including some the most attractive hotels, restaurants and bars of the island.
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Why should I stay at Amoopi Bay Hotel?

Apart from the fact that it is located in the Amoopi Area, Amoopi Bay Hotel has to offer an exquisite view over the most beautiful Karpathos beaches. Amoopi Bay Hotel has the best pool in the round area, a lovely bar along with a very experienced and friendly personnel.


What do I need to travel to Greece?

- Passport:
For the citizens who travel from the EU, no passports are required. For the non EU subjects, a valid passport is necessary to enter in Greece.
In case of lost, the local police and the embassy of your home government must be contacted.
It is recommended to have a photocopy of your passport in order to get the process of replacement lost quickly.

- Visas:
All the citizens from the countries except from the countries of the European Union, the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand need a visa to enter Greece.

- ID:
A passport can serve like an ID. Apart from the official identity card of your country, other forms of ID can be recognised: a driver's licence, a teacher or student identification.

- Animals:
Animals from another country of the EU require a health certificate.

For more information, visit the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


How can I get to Karpathos Island?

You can either reach Karpathos Island by plane, there are flights from Athens, Crete and Rhodes to Karpathos International Airport, as well as, charter flights from all over Europe. Other option is by boat from Athens, Crete and Rhodes.