Amoopi consists of a series of beautiful sand and pebble beaches and one of the most beautiful and most remained areas from the island. Amoopi is located only 6 km (3.73 miles) from the capital, Pigadia. This area offers eveything a visitor may wish for. Some of the top beaches, hotels, bars and restaurants can be found in this beautiful area.

At the highest point of a small peninsula jutting into the sea is a framed by pine snow white chapel and provides a romantic vision while sunbathing. It is the symbol of the large semi-circular bay.

Both the Mikri (Small) and Megali (Big) Amoopi beach is gently sloping and sheltered sandy beaches, visit the most local families during the summer. Both beaches are ideal for all water lovers and especially for families. The Votsalakia beach is a pebble beach with crystal clear water.

The beautiful landscape with its rock formations and the magnificent, glittering in all shades of blue sea fascinating in all seasons. In Amoopi you can find small cafes, bars and traditional Greek tavernas. Unbrellas and sunbeds are available for rent at these beaches.

Nearby and less crowded beaches are also Ardani, Fokias and Kastelia.

International, Greek and Karpathian cuisine can be found at the numerous restaurants and tavernas located in the Amoopi area. Amoopi nightlife has lots to offer as well. You can enjoy great cocktails and the latest dance hits at the local bars, while music tavernas offer live Greek music and dancing.

Amoopi is also known as Ammoopi or Ammopi or Amopi.